Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wed 5th December. Back on track what a freezing cold day it was even snowing as I walked to work, I don,t know about you but I am not a fan of the weather when it's this cold. It's 4pm Lynn is about to go home and it's Jacks day off, so her e am I on my own and not a sole in site.As you can guess it's not been a good day in the shop, but good news on the Xmas parade. The open top bus is booked,a santa is arranged to travel on the top deck, the mayor is coming and everything is organised with the kids from St Andrews school.All I have to do is try and get all the shops involved and enter into the spirit of it all. Don't hold your breath.... Chelsea are playing tonight unfortunately even should they win and that's a big if there is not much chance of them going through to the next round. Not sure of the weather tomorow but hope to have a delivery of Bretts Marble chunky, such a popular yarn, lets hope it turns up.

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