Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wed 12th, another cold walk to work certainly encourages you to walk fast which I guess is good for you at my age. Our xmas window looks great and the shop is full of stock, why we are not busy I just don't understand. All I can say is we could not do more than we are doing it's just so dissapointing. Our lovely community officer Michelle not only arranged to print our traders leaflets but delivered to half or George Street herself. A big thanks to you let's hope my fellow traders appreciate all the effort that has gone into this xmas parade. Sykped the boys in Australia, they are getting very exited about cominig to England to see us and I must admit so am I, we both miss them very much......

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tues 11th, my word is it cold or what!!, Monday was a good day sold plenty of yarn which is always good sign, it would be good if we could keep it going all week. How wrong can you be today is rubish, never can get any continuaty in our shop we have never worked out why. The local community officers are very kindly printing the leaflets for our childrens parade,as we don't have a buget and there are 160 to do I am very gratefull. Blimey when I have to go to the post office the queue's are round the block, the trouble is since they closed most of them we have no choice. The next couple of weeks should be interesting.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday 9th, Missed a few days so as I sit in an empty shop, it's a good chance to catch up. Friday was knit & natter again, this time is was our own Jan Eaton ( yes the well known crochet author) who decided to give me a hard time. Of cours e it was all about Chelsea and a Spanish waiter and how well her team Man United where doing, all so hurfull. Not a bad day in the shop, but quite a few vey difficult customers, poor old Lynn, but I must say she is amazingly patient. Sat the weather was dry and sunny and walking to work I was feeling very optimistic, which just goes to show how wrong you can be. The morning was one of the worst Sat mornings I can remember, what a disaster this time of the year. The only consolation for the day, Chelsea won at last what a relief. Back to today the shop is still empty, George Street is deserted, some times it,s very difficult not to get depressed, this time of the year we just have to be busy I just don't understand why we are not. Oh well only another two and half hours to go and then home.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thursday 6th Dec. It's that time of day again 4-30 on my own and it's cold and raining not a customer in site and who can blame them. Only Chelsea can at last win a game and still manage to loose by not qualifying for Europe, I give up. Not a lot to report just another routine day in the life of yarn shop owner Thursday is often a quiet day I have never worked out why, still it's Friday and knitt and Natter tomorrow so let's hope for better.. As for that stupid chancelor in spite of all small shops begging him not to make such a big increase to the buisiness rates he went ahead anyway. Has he know concept on how much we are suffering, most of us will just not be able to survive the present climate, especially as he announced its going on for longer. Pratt......

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wed 5th December. Back on track what a freezing cold day it was even snowing as I walked to work, I don,t know about you but I am not a fan of the weather when it's this cold. It's 4pm Lynn is about to go home and it's Jacks day off, so her e am I on my own and not a sole in site.As you can guess it's not been a good day in the shop, but good news on the Xmas parade. The open top bus is booked,a santa is arranged to travel on the top deck, the mayor is coming and everything is organised with the kids from St Andrews school.All I have to do is try and get all the shops involved and enter into the spirit of it all. Don't hold your breath.... Chelsea are playing tonight unfortunately even should they win and that's a big if there is not much chance of them going through to the next round. Not sure of the weather tomorow but hope to have a delivery of Bretts Marble chunky, such a popular yarn, lets hope it turns up.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tues 12th, don't know what is going on but every time I try and post something it gets wiped out,facebook is obviously trying to tell me something. So I will give it one last try. Friday 30th Nov. Knitt And natter day, good turn out everything very civilised untill dogey Emma arrived, she is such a bad influence on the others,they then all start demanding tea and coffee and generally give me a hard time. Good job I am easy going... Jack still not good so trying to keep her at home as much as poss. allowed an hour off and went with my buddie Steve to a cafe called carrots and had a very naughty Egg and bacon sandwich with chips, wonderfull... Sat 1st Dec, can,t believe how quick it has come around, still not as busy as last year, which is a real worry, with xmas allready looming. Things did not get any better with Chelsea loosing again, what is going on, the trouble is I don't think it will get any better. As trade is not good decided to open on my own on Sunday. Sunday 2nd. Perfect morning for a walk, opened up at 11am in a deserted George Street, but turned out better than expected, and such nice customers, so the five hours did not drag as much as I feared, and a big thanks to my friend Chris who came in and had coffee with me to help the time go by. Have to say I was pleased when4pm came and I could go home. Unfortunately will have to open next Sunday!!! Just 14 days before Carrie and the boys come over from Australia, I am so exiter