Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday 9th, Missed a few days so as I sit in an empty shop, it's a good chance to catch up. Friday was knit & natter again, this time is was our own Jan Eaton ( yes the well known crochet author) who decided to give me a hard time. Of cours e it was all about Chelsea and a Spanish waiter and how well her team Man United where doing, all so hurfull. Not a bad day in the shop, but quite a few vey difficult customers, poor old Lynn, but I must say she is amazingly patient. Sat the weather was dry and sunny and walking to work I was feeling very optimistic, which just goes to show how wrong you can be. The morning was one of the worst Sat mornings I can remember, what a disaster this time of the year. The only consolation for the day, Chelsea won at last what a relief. Back to today the shop is still empty, George Street is deserted, some times it,s very difficult not to get depressed, this time of the year we just have to be busy I just don't understand why we are not. Oh well only another two and half hours to go and then home.

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