Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tues 12th, don't know what is going on but every time I try and post something it gets wiped out,facebook is obviously trying to tell me something. So I will give it one last try. Friday 30th Nov. Knitt And natter day, good turn out everything very civilised untill dogey Emma arrived, she is such a bad influence on the others,they then all start demanding tea and coffee and generally give me a hard time. Good job I am easy going... Jack still not good so trying to keep her at home as much as poss. allowed an hour off and went with my buddie Steve to a cafe called carrots and had a very naughty Egg and bacon sandwich with chips, wonderfull... Sat 1st Dec, can,t believe how quick it has come around, still not as busy as last year, which is a real worry, with xmas allready looming. Things did not get any better with Chelsea loosing again, what is going on, the trouble is I don't think it will get any better. As trade is not good decided to open on my own on Sunday. Sunday 2nd. Perfect morning for a walk, opened up at 11am in a deserted George Street, but turned out better than expected, and such nice customers, so the five hours did not drag as much as I feared, and a big thanks to my friend Chris who came in and had coffee with me to help the time go by. Have to say I was pleased when4pm came and I could go home. Unfortunately will have to open next Sunday!!! Just 14 days before Carrie and the boys come over from Australia, I am so exiter

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