Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 21 Cold start to the day guess winter is on the way. Poor Jack has been ill in bed all day, looks like she might have caught this horrible vomiting bug.Had to shoot home to see how the poor love was , not good I am afraid if any thing s he was worse,guess she will have to spend another day in bed. It's such a shame as she has tickets to go to the ballet tomorow and she was so looking forward to going. Another day another game for Chelsea, it is very difficult to stay psotive at the moment, you find yourself just looking for signs of improvement,let's hope there are some tonight. Had a delivery of Rico Galaxy, the colours look so good on the shelf, especially with the sequins glittering in the spotlihghts. By the way you will have to exuse the spelling as I obviously can't spell and there appears to be no spell-check on facebook!!!

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